1. What is the batch size in all Programs?

Generally we have made a seating capacity of 30 – 40 students in all classrooms at our Swargate Centre so batch size for all programs running at Swargate Centre will not cross beyond 40. In School/College Integrated Programs, batch size is strictly fixed at 40 which is instructed by the respective board & therefore we follow the rules & policies of the particular school/college.

2. How is the course designed for the students?

Being one of the 64 Centres of FIITJEE in Pune City, we have got phase structure for each program from our National Academic Team based at HO Delhi & therefore the same course is followed across the country to maintain homogeneity of teaching & testing. Only for HSC Maharashtra Board based program we are allowed to make changes in the defined course plan as per the requirements of the State Curriculum.

3. During preparation of JEE, KVPY, OLYMPIADS, NTSE etc. how FIITJEE faculty will cover board specific portions also?

FIITJEE Faculty are trained in such a manner that while covering the topics in each subject, they ensure that all topics covering Boards, JEE, KVPY, Olympiads, NTSE etc. are done at the same time. They will teach the students in the best possible way & strengthen their concepts, build fundamentals, make them practice, clear their doubts with overall mentoring.

4. FIITJEE being a forum for IITJEE, why Social Science & Biology are taught for Junior batches?

This is to inform all students & parents that some competitive exams like Homi Bhabha (HBBVC), Junior Science Olympiads (JSO) & National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) ask some questions on Social Science & Biology so as we are exclusive training Centre for such exams it is our responsibility to train students for these subjects along with Science & Maths. Infact FIITJEE also trains junior segment students for Mental Ability (IQ) for such exams.

5. How Students can clear their doubts during the course?

All Integrated Programs are designed keeping Teaching & Doubt Clearance sessions in mind, so Doubt Clearance are mandatory for each student in those programs. For Students coming to Swargate Centre must take out some time from their regular schedules to come to the Centre, meet their respective faculty & clear their doubts. As time boundations are there for batches running at Centre, it advisable for students to clear their doubts on Sundays between 3pm – 4.30pm or Tue – Sat (10am to 2.30pm) based upon the availability of the faculty. Before coming they should drop an email to asking for timeslot for such doubt clearance.

6. How parents will come to know about the performance of their ward pursing a course at FIITJEE?

After each test like Weekly Quiz, Phase Test, AITS, AiITS, Mock Test Series etc. results of the entire batch will be emailed to the parent. After each Phase Test, students along with their parents will be called to the Centre for Parent Teaching Meeting in which one faculty will meet them to discuss their overall performance during that phase! Apart from this all the scores will be updated on FIITJEE Pune Site for parents to refer it anytime as per their convenient time.

7. In case the student is not well & missed some classes, how they can cover up those missed lectures?

If the student is not keeping well & missed some classes, the parents should drop an email to asking for specialized classes in order to cover up those topics. They have to mention the reason of absence also along with student name, batch code & enrolment no.

8. Is there any Specialized Batch for top students?

For Students going to Class XI, we have started ICM Batch in the 1st Week of April for top students who are scoring more than 200+ in MSTSE and 380+ in BBE/FTRE/Admission Test. For Class 9th & 10th we have similar batches called Sankalp – CM which runs 4 days per week. For Integrated Students, top students from each segment is taken into GROOMING BATCH which have special lectures & training sessions on Monday & Saturday 4pm to 8pm at Swargate Centre!

9. How FIITJEE is taking care of academically weak students?

At FIITJEE we have an activity called GOAL SETTING in which faculties plan the road map for students keeping their potential in mind. If students are not performing well in their respective batches, apart from specialized doubt sessions, we generally arrange REMEDIAL CLASSES in which any student from any batch can attend it on the given topic.

10. . Are all faculty members in FIITJEE are IIT Alumni?

We have a pool of around 30 – 40 faculty members at Pune Swargate Centre who have been trained at our National Office in Delhi. They have been selected on basis of their academic mettle, conceptual clarity, capability to deliver in classes, smartness & confidence to take longer duration of lectures. We have a mix of very trained faculty lot passed out from IIT, NIT, IISER & other good universities in India.

11. What about Fee Refund Option? If the student is unable to cope up, getting transferred to a location where FIITJEE Centre is not there or not physically well to continue the course, does FIITJEE refund the balance fees?

There is no REFUND POLICY in FIITJEE as fee once paid will not be refunded in any circumstances. Once you have joined the course, the seat is allotted & if the student leaves in between the course or program, we can’t allot that seat to any student! Therefore, the parent has to forego the balance fees paid to FIITJEE in case of quitting the course.