1. What are the various programs offered at FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre

At FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre, dedicated training programs for class 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 12th pass students are offered.

2. Do you offer DIRECT ADMISSION to students?

No, student at FIITJEE is admitted on DIRECT ADMISSION basis. Student who is desirous to study with FIITJEE, must qualify an entrance test & on basis of the cutoff score he or she will be offered selection to FIITJEE programs.

3. In Pune City which all areas FIITJEE is offering their training services at?

FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre is offering their educational services in various areas like Camp, Wanwadi, Kondhwa, Ambegaon & Swargate.

4. Do we have transport facility for students?

Yes, FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre offers TRANSPORT FACILITY for various programs on extra charge basis. Third Party Vendor offers transport to students from many areas in Pune.

5. For a student of class 9th, is it mandatory to join a 4 years program or can he join yearly programs

A student going to class 9th can opt for 2 years EXIT Program in which he/she can quit after class X. After class X a student who is not inclined to continue for Maths / Science can leave the program else a 4 years program can help student to crack IITJEE in a better manner.

6. What is the difference between Integrated & Non-Integrated Programs?

Integrated Programs are conducted within school/college premises where entire board portions along with IITJEE, MHTCET, KVPY, Olympiads training is imparted under one umbrella. Students are not required to go for separate training after their school/college hours as it is Single Teacher based system catering to both requirements of a student. Saves commutation time & prevents duplicity of training. Non-Integrated Programs are conducted at the study centres & generally after school/college hours. Student must attend their respective school/college & attend preparatory training sessions at the dedicated locations.

7. Do FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre offers Residential Facility?

Yes, FIITJEE Pune Swargate Centre offers separate Residential Facility for Boys & Girls. Monthly expense of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 9000 will be charged by a Third-Party Vendor who will provide boarding, lodging, transport & security services.

8. Student going to class XI & preparing for IITJEE should opt for which board – CBSE, ISC or HSC?

It is wrong notion among the minds of the students/parents that one should join a board for students who are preparing for various competitive exams like IITJEE, KVPY, MHTCET etc. but the main factor which leads to success is the amount of SELF STUDY, DOUBT CLEARANCE & RIGHT GUIDANCE only.

9. Is there any guarantee for IIT Selection?

No institute can give you such a guarantee. Student must put all his efforts with FIITJEE support. As we explained to you our system and will give you guidance and support for IITJEE preparation through our experienced faculties.

10. Why FIITJEE's fee is higher than all other institute?

FIITJEE is the institute who prepare students not only for JEE Mains & Advanced but also for all other competitive exams like NTSE, JSTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and we are producing consistent results in all competitive exams which no other institute in the country is yet to match. We have ample of faculty members available with us. We follow the methodology to make our students capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skill and parallel thinking process. We got proper R & D team who keep their keen eyes on the latest development and changes in JEE Mains & Advanced exams. All this research and effort requires investment and is in turn there to guarantee your child’s success only. Also, FIITJEE provides state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to make a child’s studies comfortable in the institute.

11. What is the usual strength for a batch?

Usually batch strength lies between 30 to 40 students.

12. What do you take admission tests?

we admit students through admission tests to check the basic analytical skills & subject knowledge of the student. If a student qualifies in our admission test, then it clearly reflects on their potential level for competitive exams like IIT-JEE. Even if they do not qualify in the test it may a fluctuation in their day performance and hence FIITJEE allows two attempts in one academic session.

13. If my student does not get selected in FIITJEE admission test in the first attempt, then how am I to be sure if he has any potential to crack IITJEE in future?

FIITJEE has numerous examples of students who have not been able to clear our admission test in the first attempt but after joining FIITJEE and working hard they have been able to crack IIT JEE and various other prestigious competitive examinations. We allow two attempts in one academic session considering the very fact that the ‘day performance’ of a child totally depends on his/her state of mind on that day and may or may not be optimal.

14. What about Fee Refund Option? If the student is unable to cope up, getting transferred to a location where FIITJEE Centre is not there or not physically well to continue the course, does FIITJEE refund the balance fees?

There is no REFUND POLICY in FIITJEE as fee once paid will not be refunded in any circumstances. Once you have joined the course, the seat is allotted & if the student leaves in between the course or program, we can’t allot that seat to any student! Therefore, the parent has to forego the balance fees paid to FIITJEE in case of quitting the course.